Monday, May 31, 2021

week 12

If i want to put lights inside do i need to cut out, for example the windows, and have a thinner piece of paper instead?

Monday, May 10, 2021

Week 09

This week i focused on trying to explore how to develop the isometric / tiny buildings idea rather than spending a lot of time making new ones.

Rubiks cube like buildings. Divide buildings into multiple parts and rotate them.

Deconstructed buildings. This way i could explore the insides of the building. I am not sure what would be the most interesting with this direction. For example i could try to make a realistic representation of what it would probably look like or go in a more abstract direction. Maybe a forest could hide inside to show contrast.

Another way would be to continue making small pieces and eventually piece them all together into a bigger scene. So maybe one piece is from my neighbourhood, another piece could be traditional Korean architecture, another from around IDAS etc. In the end it would be small representation of Seoul.

Wireframe render

Monday, May 3, 2021

Scale / Isometric photography - week 08

Continued to mess around with the last experiment from last week. Tried to make scans of entire buildings which turned to take way longer than expected. Also tried to mix in smaller objects to see if the sense of scale would feel smaller.

I think going forward I'll try to add a few more buildings / other objects and then try to import into a game engine to hopefully make it interactive. Alternatively maybe i could try to place the buildings more vertically to make a pattern.

Monday, April 26, 2021

Experiments with scale - week 07

Tried to recreate a tilt shift effect with photogrammetry. Also messed around a little bit with adding extra objects, making a still life with photogrammetry models. However i think these experiments turned out really shitty and they don't really have anything redeemable about them. They look better on their own, without extra models added around them.

I think this last experiment is the most interesting. Maybe try to somehow make a more complete scan of the buildings.